Lanoxin online dictionary

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Lanoxin online dictionary

Digoxin preparations are marketed under the trade names cardigox; cardiogoxin; cardioxin; cardoxin; coragoxine; digacin; digicor; digomal; digon; digosin; digoxine navtivelle; digoxina-sandoz; digoxin-sandoz; digoxin-zori; dilanacin; eudigox; fargoxin; grexin; lanacordin; lanacrist; lanicor; lanikor; lanorale; lanoxicaps; lanoxin; lanoxin pg; lenoxicaps; lenoxin; lifusin; mapluxin; natigoxin; novodigal; purgoxin; sigmaxin; sigmaxin-pg; toloxin.

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before you take forteo, you should tell your healthcare provider if you have a bone disease other than osteoporosis, have cancer in your bones, have trouble injecting yourself and do not have someone who can help you, have or have had kidney stones, have or have had too much calcium in your blood, take medications that contain digoxin digoxin, lanoxicaps, lanoxin , or have any other medical conditions.

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answer lanoxin has a steroid ring as part of its structure.

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